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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

A Summer Wedding Reception

Following on from a Summer Wedding Ceremony which included top-tips from Natalie at Hyland Events, we now move on to the next big part of the day…

A Summer Wedding Reception!

This is the part of the day to truly celebrate having just said ‘I Do!’

Your guests will be beaming, wanting to congratulate you and keen to toast to your happiness.

Here to give us lots of great ideas and guiding us with her expertise, we caught up with Laura from Kept Weddings to discuss all areas of your Summer Wedding Reception.

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Summer Wedding Reception – Drinks

When planning for a Summer Wedding Reception it is important to keep your guests hydrated!

Drinks are always important during the Wedding Reception, but in the Summer you can expand upon those more traditional tipples. Think Pimms, garnished Prosecco, Spritzers, Aperol, Beer and Cider on ice to name but a few. You can also go to town with the decorations as well, with colourful (biodegradable) straws, colourful paper umbrellas, edible glitter, Summer fruits like raspberries and ice cubes with edible flowers in.

And don’t forget those all important soft drinks! Non-alcoholic versions and refreshing juices/water shouldn’t be missed. Kilner jars with zesty lemon and refreshing cucumber are the perfect way to quench thirst between GnT’s!

Keep in mind that you also need to provide plenty of seating and lounging spots, as well as considering shade for guests to retreat to if its a scorching hot day. Huntsham Court has a beautiful patio area, with an enormous parasol and plenty of comfy Rattan furniture… ideal for relaxing on during the reception. Feel free to expand upon this though, you could look to companies Virginia’s vintage or The Prop Factory to add some extra seating around the grounds

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Summer Wedding Reception – Treats

Aside from a delicious array of canapes, you may want to stretch to something a little more Summer Wedding Reception specific. Why no opt for an ice cream and sorbet tricycle or even an old-school ice cream van serving up Mr Whippy?

Hire in slushy machines for alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Frozen Rose slushie (or Frose to you and I) will have your guests in a state of Summer bliss!

What about locally sourced Oysters on a bed of ice, with a selection of toppings?

These ideas not only a lovely addition to a Summer Wedding Reception, your guests will also appreciate the chance to cool down.

Regardless of the weathers plans (rain or shine!), these kind of additions can be set up outside on the lawn, or inside the venue reception rooms, like the Great Hall. Details like this are a lovely refresher for guests to enjoy ahead of the Wedding Breakfast, without ruining their appetite.

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Summer Wedding Reception – Fun

Lawn Games are always a hit with guests. Croquet, French Boules, Jenga and much more are available for guests to get their hands on and get into the competitive spirit. What could be more British than sipping on Pimm’s and a round of Croquet?

You could go one step further and organise an activity like Archery or Clayzer for the more adventurous guests.

If you want to keep things at a more steady, relaxed pace, why not wow your guests with a magician for the afternoon? Out of the corner of your eye, you will catch groups of guests erupting into laughter and clapping having just been blown away but slight of hand.

Music is of course a great mood setter. How about a roaming acoustic guitarist or a string quartet? Light background music adds great atmosphere and a relaxing vibe to the afternoon before leading into the evening. And what’s better is that they could add a performance during the ceremony too! (Just be sure to check with your Event Manager and/or the venue about outdoor music allowances first)

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Next on the Blog, we will be catching up with Clare from Fynnesse weddings and events where she will pass on her great ideas for a Summer Wedding Breakfast!