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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

An intimate ceremony


As restrictions were eased and ceremonies were able to go ahead, we were thrilled to have our first intimate wedding ceremony hosted in the grounds since the beginning of March!

Despite the limited number of guests and only being able to host the intimate ceremony itself, it was a joyous occasion for all involved.

Not only was it exciting for us to see the Bride and Groom with their group of close family it friends, it was so lovely seeing the familiar faces of or regular suppliers returning.

Amongst the few suppliers involved on the day was the talented photographer Matt Bowen.

Matt has kindly passed on his experiences of this momentous ceremony, accompanied with some advice to those looking to host their own intimate wedding.

A bit about the couple…

Paddy and Fran contacted me back in 2019 to talk about their wedding. They knew that I had got married myself at Huntsham and that I had been back a few times to photograph other weddings there. They told me they wanted to get married outside and have a brilliant party with all their family and friends. It sounded perfect.


How did you feel once you knew the ceremony was going ahead?

Mixed emotions. I was happy for them that they were going to be able to get married, but they were going to have to have a very short intimate ceremony and have very few guests there.

I felt a bit sad that Huntsham wouldn’t be being used to its full potential. As it was though it was actually a really lovely occasion. Very relaxed and everyone who was there appreciated their part in the day.

How did it feel being back at the venue?

It’s always great to come back to Huntsham. It’s such a visually stunning venue while being super relaxed. I love that while it looks amazing you can pretty much have the run of the place yourselves. There are no over-bearing coordinators telling you what you can and can’t do and the emphasis is 100% on you enjoying yourself and having loads of fun.

Of course, having got married there myself all the memories of our own day come flooding back as soon as I drive up to the house. I’m excited that the couple will be about to experience what I did.

What are your thoughts on an intimate ceremony?

I think if it is what you want as a couple then absolutely do it. As I said before, everyone that you invite to a smaller ceremony really appreciates that they are there and you form a real bond. They are usually much more relaxed affairs to with people ad-libbing and having a laugh during the ceremony. Something you might not always get in front of dozens of people.

Do you have any advice for couples who may be looking to go ahead with a smaller ceremony themselves?

Go for it! Don’t worry about disappointing others who may feel that you should be doing something bigger. Go with what you want and how you want to express your love for your partner.

Sometimes making your vows with just the two of you there can be just as powerful, if not more so than in front of hundreds of people. This is your day and hopefully you will only do it once, so make sure you do it the way you feel comfortable.


All photos by Matt Bowen