Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

You’ve booked your wedding venue

So, you’ve just booked your wedding venue?

It’s an exciting feeling isn’t it! You can begin to imagine exactly what your wedding day will look like an how it will unfold.

But what are the next steps you need to take?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. With over a decades worth of experience when it comes to hosting package free weddings and events, we have plenty of top tips to help you get on the right track.

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What should you do first?

Well firstly, you should let it settle in.

You’ve found and booked your dream wedding venue, that’s a huge step and it’s worth just taking a breather.

Enjoy looking through the venue’s galleries, floorplans, social media and and information packs. Taking time to look through the spaces available, capacities, décor and even the light in the rooms/grounds will help you plan out where you host each part of your day.

Take time to go through the venues website in more detail. You’ll find helpful videos (like our Virtual Tour), links to suppliers (much like our Recommended Suppliers page) and even Blogs just like this!

Getting to know your venue inside out will really help inform your next steps.

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Nigel John photography

Time to let the guests know…

It’s likely your guests have been on the edge of their seat waiting for this invite!

Now you have booked your wedding venue, it’s time to let them know where they are going to be celebrating your special occasion.

Send out Save The Dates and RSVP letters to your guests. You don’t want anyone booking a family holiday and missing out on your wedding day!

Let them know the dates (they may need to take some time off if you are enjoying an extended stay), the location so they can plan their travel and of course, let them know about the accommodation options.

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You know your venue inside out, what next?

Great, you’ve booked your wedding venue, you’ve got to know it really well now and your guests are informed about the wedding date.

It’s time to start thinking about suppliers.

Some couples come armed with a list of suppliers and are ready to go. They may have connections in the industry, they may have friends who can help with certain areas like Floristry. Many come to the venue looking for a blank canvas and need a little bit of help deciding on the right supplier for their big day.

A good place to start is to take a good look through the venue’s Recommended Suppliers list.

Here you can begin to reach out to suppliers such as Caterers to get an idea of menus and cost.

There are also plenty of excellent directories out there where you can look for specific suppliers, such as Entertainment Nation for Bands/Music and Rock My Wedding for industry recommended and top suppliers in general.

Do you need some extra help?

So, you’ve booked your venue, you’ve got to know it really well, you have started to look at suppliers and your RSVP’s have gone out to your guests.

Great work!

You may be loving the planning journey and you are really getting stuck into that wedding spreadsheet.

However, you potentially feel some extra support is needed. It may be you want to extra help sourcing the perfect suppliers. You might feel a little of course with the event itself and how it should flow, especially the timings. Maybe you just want to talk through your ideas with an expert in the field and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything…

Don’t panic, we have solutions for you!

  • It’s good to know that you are supported from day one when you book Huntsham Court. Drop us an email or give us a call, we are always happy to answer your questions or send you some helpful links.
  • You are allocated a dedicated Event Manager 6 months ahead of your wedding or event. With an amazing team of experienced Event Managers, you will be in great hands and they can help you bring all your ideas together. Plus, you will have their support to guide you through Bedroom Allocations, Table Plans, Timings and Staffing Suggestions.
  • The Event Managers are able to offer more than just 5-7hrs of support (included with the venue booking). All the Event Managers offer different levels of support and packages to suit your needs. Whether its Full Planning from the day you book, Partial Planning to help get your event in order or even Bespoke Packages to help you fulfil your planning needs… They even make themselves available to be your on the Day Coordinator! (If you would like to meet our amazing team or Event Mangers, simply get in touch!)
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