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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Ceremony Guide

Clair’s wedding day Ceremony guide

Clair is one of our events team and has many years of experience when it comes to planning a wedding. With her wealth of knowledge, she has helpfully pieced to together a ceremony guide to assist with your planning:

Trust us, we know just how just how nervous you are going to feel as you walk up the aisle to meet your other half, especially if it is the first time you have seen them that day.

Alternatively, we also know exactly how much pressure you are going to be feeling as you stand at the top of the aisle waiting for your other half to join you, ready to say ‘I do’.

That is exactly why we have put together a ceremony guide to help you get through the ceremony with as little stress as possible:

Photo - David Pullum
Photo – David Pullum


Try to focus on the person you are marrying and aside from this all will be well.

Take a few minutes to sort everything before you make your entrance, is the vail hanging straight, is the dress laid out beautifully and ready to trail behind you, are your flowers held in the right position? Once you feel settled in the knowledge that everything is taken care of, take a few steady breaths and… go!

The same applies to the Groom already standing in place, just take some deep breaths and focus on a spot in front of you, don’t worry about your guests or family at this point, they are all fine and there in support of you both. You and your partner are all that matters at this stage, so drink up this moment.

Photo - Andrew Billington
Photo – Andrew Billington

Be on time

Do your best to be on time (a really obvious one). It’s your prerogative to be a little late and to make as splashy or unassuming an entry as you wish, but do remember that the person you’re marrying is likely to be as nervous as you are so don’t keep them waiting too long.

A little bit of anticipation is lovely but can quickly become angst if time passes.

If it’s easier, put your head bridesmaid/person in charge of giving all of your other bridal/groom teams a time check. Shoes on, lipstick fixed, clothes straight and everything ready in place 5 minutes before your ceremony time means you can grab some extra photos before you start that aisle walk.

Also bear in mind your guests can get a little fractious if left to sit too long (they feel cold, hot, want a drink, need to answer a call of nature, feed or settle a child etc). An ushers job is not an easy one and getting bottoms on seats for the right time can be like netting cats so keeping to time is really helpful. Your registrar or celebrant will also be thrilled if you’re punctual – as they will be prepped and ready to go!

Photo - Joshua Gooding
Photo – Joshua Gooding

Don’t sweat the small things

Your friends and family, all of your suppliers, your event manager, your celebrant or registrar are coming together to celebrate you and your love so don’t worry or be anxious about the details at this stage. Everything has been organised beforehand and there’s a wave of good will and support – ride it and enjoy it! If some details are a little different while underway, go with it as it is all part of your ceremony and marriage experience.

Ride the emotions

You are going to feel a whole host of emotions from the moment the ceremony starts, to the end as you depart a married couple! There is a good reason a makeup artist will suggest waterproof mascara and having a tissue handy.

You may well up as you let go of your dads hand, you might burst with excitement as you see your other half, you are likely to feel anxious being in front of so many people and as it draws to an end and the vows are completed you may even feel sadness it is over so quickly… But just ride these emotions, don’t worry if you get teary and just be present in the moment and one of the most joyous days of your life.

Photo - Luna weddings
Photo – Luna weddings

Have it ready

Give your head bridesmaid/maid of honour and best man/head usher anything you may need in the ceremony beforehand, or tell them you’ve asked your event manager to put things on their seat for you to reach if necessary. Tissues in case it gets emotional? Order of service for you? Copy of your vows just in case… they can pop them in their bouquet, jacket pocket or stash them on/under their seat.

Photo - Andrew Billington
Photo – Andrew Billington