Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

New Year wedding

As the end of the year draws to a close, we still have one more event to look forward to and we know it will be double the celebration as it is a New Year Wedding!

We love the sense of celebration this time of year brings. With the feeling of Christmas still around us and the excitement of cheering in the start of a New Year, hosting a wedding at this time is just magical.

But how do you style a New Year wedding to make sure it ticks all the wedding celebration boxes?

Well, we have gathered together ideas from weddings and events we have seen over the years to help with inspiration.

What the couple wore

Of course, a big part of the wedding day will always be the outfits. However, a New Year wedding can present an opportunity to add even more style and glamour.

No one will be surprised to see sparkles on dresses or suits, velvet dinner jackets won’t look out of place at all and dresses can change from night to day with overlay skirts which can then be removed for the evening, to reveal a glitzy dance-floor number!

Of course, you might even want to think of a complete outfit change, ready to cheer in the New Year!

The tables, flowers and décor

During the winter season, we see a lot of people making the most of being indoors and creating warm, inviting cosy spaces for guests to gather and relax.

The fireplace in the Great Hall tends to see a lot of décor and flowers, ready for those group photos and completing that important ceremony backdrop.

The wedding breakfast tables are often adorned with candles and soft lighting, creating the perfect dining atmosphere for a New Year wedding.

We see plenty of colour splashed throughout the rooms, tying in the couples theme and style, while complimenting the venues already decorative interior.

The Ceremony

Over the years, we have seen couples tie the knot in various locations, from the Great Hall, The Library, The Yellow room to beautiful local churches. No matter the location, this will be a ceremony that will make for one incredibly memorable New Year wedding celebration.

The Great hall remains a firm favourite for a ceremony and with minimal or maximalist decorations in place, the backdrop is meant-to-be for special wedding photos.

The Evening

If you’re planning a New Year wedding, its likely music and entertainment is going to be a big part of your evening.

Most bands come equipped with their own lighting, transforming the room from grand hall to dancefloor at the flick of a switch. The twinkling chandelier in the centre of the rooms becomes the most elegant of glitter balls, while guests dance beneath it. Couples have also made the most of the panelled wall and added an LED light curtain, taking the room from day to night.

Don’t forget to bring those sparklers with you as well…

3,2,1… Happy New Year!