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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Wedding trends for 2022

Its that time of year again where Huntsham Court explores some of the upcoming weddings trends for the year ahead…
And we are thrilled to see that the wedding trends for 2022 don’t disappoint!

Say it with Silver 

One of the big wedding trends for 2022 will be the return of the cleaner, cooler silver tones. Previously we had seen a big rise in warmer, rose gold tones and now we are looking ahead to fresher but just as dazzling hints of celestial tones.

Why not follow in the footsteps of the previous design by Starry eyed weddings and bring some bling with a glitter ball designs?

Good to know –

We have an eclectic mix of candelabras, from silver to rose gold if you like to mix your metals as well!

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Lets go Technicolour! 

We can’t say we are surprised to see this wedding trend for 2022 heading our way. After a time of lockdown and postponements, why wouldn’t we all want to celebrate with colour?

We can’t wait to see tropical accents within table plans, stationary, floral designs… even those all important weddings day outfits!

You might want to keep things a little more subtle during the day for your colour scheme, but why not bring all the colour in the evening with lighting on the dancefloor? We recommended New Beginning Designs to really light up your evening.

Janina Brocklesby
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Inspired by nature 

This was a style we saw sneaking in towards the end of 2021 and we can’t say we are disappointed it is sticking around. Think neutral tones, using grasses in floral displays, adding dried floral displays around the venue and pale linen accents to table designs.

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Children welcome! 

The wedding creche and nanny-service has been mentioned as wedding trend this year, which if we are honest has always been a recommendation from our wedding event planners. With large weddings, it isn’t always easy to keep it a adult only event and to be honest, kids quite often bring about some of the wedding day highlights like knee slides on the dance floor and obligatory baby cry during the ceremony.

They can lend a helping hand to parents throughout the day at those crucial points from a busy morning covering breakfast and getting ready, through to making sure bed times are kept to while you throw those shapes on the dance floor.

Here are some of the services we recommend:



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Escape to the Country 

Thank you to Bridgerton for this returning trend!

It is no surprise that after one of the biggest series of 2021, people are turning their attention to romantic countryside escapes, with a Manor house setting for the big day.

Think idyllic outdoor settings, big and blousy floral displays, garden games, opulent table décor and gold embellishments… and all the romance of course!

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Extended stay 

Having been a part for so long, we can see why long weekends and longer have hit the 2022 wedding trend list. It just so happens that wedding weekends and longer stays are what we specialise in! We are big believers in making the most with family and friends for as long as possible, and squeezing a wedding into 1 day isn’t always enough. With 40 bedrooms, enough space for 92 guests to stay (102 is you add The Ginger Peanut to your local accommodation) it should give you enough space to be able to really settle in to the your wedding weekend (or week long) vibe.

We love it when we see people drifting around the reception rooms in their PJ’s, that’s when we know they have well and truly settled in.

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The Family Feast 

After being away from one and other for such long periods of time, it is no wonder one of 2022 trends will be a focus on family style catering. There will be less of a focus on sprawling, multi course, plated meals and more classic sharing platters and good old fashioned home style cooking.

After all, who can resist a roast with mum’s signature gravy? Or a Summer BBQ with a Pavlova to finish?

Anyone feeling hungry yet?

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We have certainly seen a big shift towards alcohol free drinks for weddings and celebrations over the years, so its good to see Mocktails now being highlighted as a must have at weddings in 2022.

It has long been the mark of an ‘excellent’ wedding when there has been free flowing wine and fizz all day long, however there is a large rise in those trying to avoid or cut down their alcohol consumption. A mocktail hour or toast is the perfect way to push pause on the drinking during the day, while keeping the party vibe going.

Plus, they look so good!

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Living tables 

Keen to make a statement but keep things eco? Living tables might be the perfect choice as it allows you to maximise of floral displays, but minimise on waste. Potted orchids, peace lilies, Pampas grasses, succulents, miniature roses and even herbs will be adorning many wedding breakfast tables this year and we are all for it!

You can simply take them home after the big day, or hand them out to guests as a thank you on the day of departure. It’s a win-win.

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