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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

The Wedding Breakfast

It’s a funny term isn’t it ‘The Wedding Breakfast’?

It catches so many people out ‘but it’s not breakfast, we’re eating in the afternoon?’

Where it comes from:

There is actually quite a simple and heart-warming reason for this peculiar yet traditional name. The origin of the name comes from when traditionally couples (and sometime the whole wedding party) would fast from the night before their wedding, only breaking the fast after their vows. The wedding ceremony was held after mass, so for the bride and groom this was their first meal.

Today, the Wedding Breakfast marks the first meal the newly wed couple share together as Husband and Wife, whether it is during the afternoon or evening, the name remains.

Wedding Breakfasts have been part of the traditional wedding day for a very long time, it is that special meal that is shared with friends and family that have come together to share the happy couple’s big day.

Often the meal consists of a starter, main and dessert and rounded off with the speeches accompanied with a glass of champagne for the toasts. This is completely up to the couple and their tastes! Weddings are becoming more and more unique with inventive personalised touches and this can apply to the Wedding Breakfast also.

3 inventive Wedding Breakfast alternatives:

  1. Sharing platters – this style of dining is becoming incredibly popular, it’s a great way for guests to get to know each other as it adds a relaxed vibe to such a traditional part of the day. One of our favourite ideas is a Roast Dinner approach with a joint of beef, lamb or whole chicken served to each table with an allocated carver, it always results in laughter! Top tip: Just remember, sharing platters take up a lot of space so make sure you consider your table decorations, you’ll need plenty of room for guests to be able to reach over!
  2. Nostalgic meals – this is becoming a firm favourite with couples as they introduce their friends and family to food from their childhood. Dishes such as sausage and mash or fish and chips served in all its glory or given a modern ‘gastronomic’ makeover mean the couple really put their stamp on the day.
  3. High Tea – is a elegant and romantic way to serve the Wedding Breakfast, especially served on the traditional 3-tier platters. Delicate bites of savoury and sweet take care of mains and dessert, while giving your guests plenty of time for socialising in between cucumber sandwiches and a sip of tea.


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Photo by: Matt Tyler