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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Tipi wedding

It’s official…

Civil wedding ceremonies can now take place at the venues beloved Tipi, located for much of the year in our Hidden Garden.

In fact, following a change in the law, civil ceremonies can take place in approved areas within Huntsham Court’s landscaped grounds.

So, let’s explore the changes and begin planning your Tipi wedding!

What was the rule before?

Prior to Summer 2022, civil ceremonies at a licensed wedding venue had to take place either indoors or under an approved permanent outdoor structure, like our Dovecote.

While this wasn’t limiting to the vast majority of our couples, some favoured other spots like the top lawn and the coquet lawn to host their vows. This meant they had to opt for a Humanist or Celebrant led wedding. The couple still had to combine a registrar at some point to ensure their marriage was legally binding.

Why did it change?

During the pandemic, wedding ceremonies faced a whole host of restrictions. To try and make things a little easier, it was temporarily agreed that ceremonies could take place outside within the grounds of a licensed venue.

Putting this into practice demonstrated it not only worked, but that a lot of people favoured this option!

There are still rules to abide by.

Thankfully, our Tipi wedding spot has passed the grade and has now been given the OK as a legal location to host your outdoor wedding ceremony.

It doesn’t stop there though, you can also host a civil ceremony on the top lawn, on the croquet lawn or on the West terrace which has fantastic views of the countryside.

If couples want to consider a ceremony outside of the locations listed, then they will simply need to chat with their registrar who can go through the necessary checks, along with the venue.

Keep in mind that the Tipi isn’t a permanent structure all year round and is packed away for the winter months.

If you want to double check, contact us or speak with your Event Manager.