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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Luna Wedding Photography

Supplier Spotlight with the talented Luna Weddings Photography

We caught up with Anna from Luna Wedding photography to find out more about her style of photography, what she loves about taking photos at Huntsham Court and her tips for future couples.

Plus, being that Anna is a regular at the venue we have plenty of beautiful photos to share with you!

Tell us about you and your style of photography

At Luna Wedding photography, our style is very natural, and our aim is to feel like friends with cameras, striking the balance between unobtrusive and friendly! We enjoy working with light and emotion to create emotive images which tell a story.

What do you love about photographing weddings at Huntsham Court?

We love Huntsham Court for many reasons! The team are always fantastic, our couples and their guests have always been made to feel very much at home, and in such a grand venue, that kind of feel isn’t at every venue as impressive at Huntsham.

WE LOVE THE LIGHT! Huntsham has gorgeous quality light which makes for beautiful images and suits our style of photography perfectly.

Do you have a preference on seasons?

Honestly there are photographic joys to be found in all seasons, and golden hour can be in any season, it isn’t just limited to Summer. The light inside the house is gorgeous at all times of year.

What would be your advice to couples looking to find a photographer

Look at the photographers full galleries! Feeling on board with their style is important but ensuring they can capture emotion and moments in all conditions is very important too.

Any helpful tips for photos on the big day?

Helpful tips? Of course, here’s a few of my personal favourites…
– Chat with your photographer about your timeline –
If you want documentary coverage then this isn’t as essential, but if you’d like family photos and portraits, its worth factoring this into your timeline, as well as making sure you have time to enjoy your own reception (and canapés!)
– Confetti
If you’d like a confetti shot – remember more is more!
– Sparklers
If you go for a sparkler shot, it tends to work best before anyone’s had one too many, ‘blue hour’ is a perfect time for sparklers as the dark blue sky and glow from the sparklers makes for a beautiful photo!
– If you’d like golden hour photos, try to work out when this could be
Of course it isn’t always guaranteed but you can still take some time out! It often falls during speeches so if this is important to you, its worth considering when putting your timeline together.
Some couples are happy to step out for a short while during breaks in the meal but always check with your caterers if you plan to do this.
– A big tip would be to trust in your suppliers
Try not to worry about perfection, and enjoy the day you’ve spent so long planning! When you’ve got those around you and the ceremony has finished, as long as everyone has food and drink, they’ll have a great time, and so will you, just make sure you have time to soak it all in
Which leads us to our last tip….
– Take some time out together
And make sure your photographer knows you plan to do this so they can join you for some natural and emotive photos of you two soaking it all in!