Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Rockrose Photography – Calum and Diana

We love catching up with our recommended suppliers and during this Blog, we spoke to Jules from Rock Rose Photography following one of her wedding shoots earlier this year with the lovely Diana and Calum.

Tell us a bit about the couple 

Calum and Diana were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Calum is British and Diana is Canadian. They first enquired with me back in January 2020, before Covid was even a thing, after finding me on Instagram and were so happy when I had worked at Huntsham before.
The first wedding date we had fell in covid restrictions in 2021 so we moved to a date in safer times in 2022. We were lucky the second time round and their late May wedding was just perfect.

It was so lovely to get to meet them before the wedding day and have a pre wedding shoot, it really broke the ice as they were a little nervous about having their photo taken. They live in Toronto, so quite some distance to travel for a shoot, so we tagged it on to the end of their Christmas visit to family in London.
The morning was freezing in Parke National trust, but great to chat and get to know them a little before the big day.

The actual day itself ran like a dream and they are just the most chilled out couple ever, the speeches were so funny and poignant and I loved the bit where Diana revealed the passport that their dog had chewed just before they travelled, nearly ruining the whole trip.

I have photographic evidence of the said passport.
So funny!

Do you have any favourite photos from the day? 

My favourite photos of Calum and Diana are the ones near the Rhododendrons.
They are such a wonderful backdrop and Calum and Diana were so easy to work with, happy to just be together and be guided by me for photos and poses.

I also really love the photos in front of the main house for the groups as the flowers at Huntsham were in full spring bloom and looked glorious on that late May day. Finding interesting spots with good lighting and enough space for different size groups can be tricky. At Huntsham there are so many lovely spots that can be used, from doorways to frame people to maple trees to add some colour and staircases if the weather is wet.

We were spoilt for choice!

Where did you take them for photos on the day and why?

The grounds of Huntsham are perfect for a post ceremony stroll and a few pictures and we always like to use the interior for photos as I love the light inside.
That window on the staircase is to die for and I always love to use that in some way to light my subjects. Calum and Diana really wanted to shoot up to the regal bathroom and have a glass of bubbly in the double baths in the Douglas suite. This is always a funny little shoot and gets many a giggle, it’s really not easy getting in a bath with a wedding dress on!
The photos are so fun from that little shoot and its a great little moment away from the wedding party. Sometimes it can be nice to step away from the day and reflect and enjoy the moment.

What do you think are the important photos to capture on the day?

Personally I think the most important pictures of the day are the couple portraits, they are probably the most likely to get printed and put in a frame to remind you of the day, the other parts are fun and the night time ones are super fun as well, but the ones that sit on your mantle piece or wall will be the most important reminder of your wedding day.

You were lucky with the weather, did you have Plan B back up ideas?

Plan B for rainy weather is always on my mind. Venue-wise Huntsham is great for having so much historic beauty inside and out, so not a place to worry too much if it does rain. The staircase and rooms are so grand and spacious that there are plenty of spots. For couple photos we always bring lots of flashes to do somewhere interesting when its dark. The Gazebo was perfect for this and will work for smaller groups as well in darkness and rain.

Always plan, plan, plan and then delegate as many jobs to your bridal party as possible.
These are always the most seamless/stress-free weddings I have worked at! Don’t worry if little things go wrong the day, every wedding something little goes awry; a forgotten tie, shirt, confetti and sometimes even rings! It’s about the fun of the day and celebrating with your loved ones, so don’t sweat the small stuff on the day, go with the flow and have the time of your life.