Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Send out the invites!

You’ve booked your wedding venue… Tick

You’ve organised your catering and menu’s have been narrowed down… Tick

You’re in discussion with the florist about colours and displays… Tick

You have a Pinterest board full of ideas and themes for the big day…. Tick

The guest list has painstakingly come together…. Tick


It sounds like you only have one last thing to do?

Send out the invites!


Wedding Stationary is an opportunity to piece together all those intricate details of your wedding celebration. You can combine colour schemes, design and add personal touches to really create an invite that will inspire your guests.

It doesn’t just stop at the invite either, you can create a whole list of stationary to fulfil all your super-organised-wedding needs!

Here is a list of the more common wedding stationary:

  • Save the date
  • Invitation
  • Information card
  • RSVP card
  • Order of service
  • Menu
  • Table numbers
  • Table names
  • Table seating plan

But how do you work out where to start? We have pieced together a few tips to help bring your wedding stationary to life.


While a lot of couples won’t directly aim for a ‘theme’ you will likely have an idea of what your wedding day will look like, whether it is modern, classic, romantic, alternative or luxurious.

Once you have narrowed this down, it will help guide you with the design process. You should aim to create an invite and stationary that will give your guests a ‘feel’ of what to expect


Decide on a colour scheme

You’ll want your wedding invitations and cards to match the colour choices you’ve already made.

Keep as close to your colour scheme as possible but remember your invites etc do need to be easy to read, so make sure you avoid Pastel fonts on cream coloured paper! Ensure your background colour and font aren’t too similar too, they may just end up blurring into one

Shape and size

There are so many design ideas now so you can have some fun creating your unique stationary. Why stick with the standard rectangular A5 invite? You could experiment with round, square, layered, fold out… the possibilities are endless!

Remember though, the more layering with papers and textures you attempt will only add bulk and will cost more in postage.


Calligraphy styles and elaborate fonts are pretty to look at and work in small amounts, however they aren’t always easy to read. If you are set on the more decorative fonts, try and combine them with something simple and modern when explaining the detail of the invite, menu, etc.

Too much information

There is going to be a lot to squeeze in on the invite especially with your names, the dress code, location, date, RSVP information and potentially accommodation details.

You can always set up a wedding website where you can update your guests with information as it updates and changes, this way you can keep your invite to a minimum and direct them to the site for more information… like directions!

Order it in one

You will probably find here will be a lot of printing required ahead of the big day (see stationary list above for a reminder!) Most printers typically offer a discount when you order in one sitting. Plus, if you order everything together your can quality check all the stationary and make sure they are consistent.

Leave it to the professionals:

Why not get a Stationary Designer to piece together your invites? Here’s some of our top suggestions:

Dearly Beloved Stationery

DeWinton Paper co.
beautiful handmade paper and wedding stationery


Wedding Bouquet Illustration