Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Summer Weddings – Our top tips

It’s finally here, we are officially in the midst of Summer Weddings!

Couples who have booked their weddings for Summer are finalising their plans and continuously checking the weather app, praying for glorious sunshine and cloudless skies. But what if its overcast and god forbid, it rains! If it is sunny, what if it’s TOO hot?

We have pieced together our top tips for how to handle a very British Summer Wedding.

Have a Plan A and a Plan B

While planning for that perfect outdoors wedding is a must, we always suggest having a back-up plan. Huntsham Court has a selection of licensed areas for ceremonies, including the Dovecot in the grounds. This glorious spot is nestled amongst the trees, perfect for dappled light and generous shade. When the sun is shining, there is no better place to say ‘I-do’ whilst looking across the Devonshire countryside. The seating at the Dovecot consists of 3-seater benches and they remain here whatever the weather, meaning that if we do need to reconsider and relocate to an indoor event…. no need to start furiously grabbing chairs!

Your Plan B could be in The Great Hall where we can have chairs lined up and ready, even if its down to the last minute of decision making!

So, while you are putting those final touches to your idyllic outdoor ceremony, make sure to jot down an indoor ceremony set up as well…. Just in case

Keep your guests cool

As much as we all hope for a hot sunny wedding day, sometimes being outside for the ceremony, reception, photos, lawn games and more photos in the heat can take its toll on you and your guests.

Here are a few ideas to help keep your guests feeling and looking cool as a cucumber.

1). Cucumber water! – Yes, adding slices of cucumber to water can actually help cool you down when it’s a hot day. We recommend having jugs or water dispensers on a table near where your guests will be congregating, this way they can keep hydrated throughout the day.

2). Have a sun cream station – Those smart suits and glitzy clutch bags don’t really have much room for a bottle of sun cream and it’s something that might slip your guests mind. Either add it to your toiletries baskets for the bathrooms or make a space for it on a table outside.

3). Parasols and fans – Why not buy a selection of paper parasols and fans and dot them around the garden and grounds, they will make great photo props and come in handy when seeking shade and a gentle breeze.

4). Ice – we always recommend to our guests during the summertime to order extra ice, this will then keep up with demand when it comes to Pimm’s, Gin and Tonics, Ice buckets for wine and ice baths for outdoor drinks.

Something for ‘Just in case’

While trying to avoid dwelling on that ‘rain’ word, it’s something worth planning for so you don’t get caught out. Here are a couple of ideas that may just save the day!

1). Clear umbrellas – don’t rely on your guests to bring brollies with them, especially when you can’t trust them to bring one you will like in the photos! Clear umbrellas will keep your guests high-and-dry while creating a uniform look for those all-important snaps, plus they can still see you as you tie the knot if you brave the elements and go ahead with your outdoor ceremony regardless.

2). Ponchos – the weather will sometimes catch you out, so some throw away ponchos in a basket at the ready will result in some ever-grateful guests.

Outdoors… Indoors?

Where better to host the reception than on the lawn after the ceremony? With the parasol up, the garden furniture out, croquet set up and drinks circulating you are on to winner.

But what if mid-reception the weather takes a turn for the worst?

With the ceremony having taken place outside, the house will be ready and waiting for you and your guests to enjoy in the evening. However, if the weather dictates a mass movement indoors then don’t worry, the drinks and canapes can follow you! If you have cleared the Great Hall as a back up for the ceremony, this spacious room is perfect for a reception-relocation. The Sonos music system can be readied with some background tunes to set the mood and before you know it, Champagne and canapes will be flowing again as your guests relax on a sofa in the bar or gather for a group photo on the Entrance staircase.


So, whatever the weather, we will have your Summer Wedding covered!