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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Amy Elizabeth make up

This time on the Supplier Spotlight at Huntsham Court, we caught up with the creative beauty talent, Amy Elizabeth.

Amy, with years of experience, has been helping Brides (and Grooms!) look and feel their best on the big day.

Everyone wants to head into their wedding knowing they are looking their ultimate, glowy self, ready for any photo!

We caught up with Amy about her process, top tips and favourite moments at the venue…

Tell us a bit about you and how you became a makeup artist

From the age of 14yrs I was making face creams & selling them around my little village in Somerset! My auntie worked at a beauty counter and I just loved the packaging, the luxury of beauty and how women felt after putting on an amazing lipstick. I just knew I needed to be in this world!

I went to London to train at a makeup academy and started my makeup journey in weddings. I didn’t know it would be my long term career at that point but after 16yrs doing this – I just love being with my brides and making them feel amazing and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Tell us about your process when it comes to clients

I really love to get a feel for my brides vision on their look, I love to see their dress, hair and to hear about their lifestyle.

At the trial we talk through all these areas and I start to work with their ideas and offer my suggestions, letting the client know what I am thinking in terms of a colour palette, the vibe we should go for and we start build from there.

Skincare is something I am very passionate about so I will always offer suggestions along the way to elevate your skincare so you have the best canvas for makeup on the day.

Are there go-to styles you recommend for a wedding day?

I always to listen to my clients, especially if they have certain ideas, but overall I believe I’m drawn to a certain style which I view as a soft glamour look – very modern, skin focused and glowing.

Your makeup artist needs to know where to bring out your best features and also understand photography, making sure you look amazing in daylight, evening light, through the eye of a lens as well as what will look amazing next to your wedding dress and hairstyle.

What’s the most exciting look you have created so far?

There are so many to chose from!

I just love when my clients have invested in their skin, it then works beautifully with my products, allowing the overall look to become more beautiful and radiant.

When clients have had facials, applied masks and invested the time into skincare it makes such a difference for me.

I adore layering individual lashes for a tailored, beautiful, fluffy lash which suits everyone of my brides eye shape.

What do you love about Huntsham Court and why?

My Huntsham brides always have the best wedding dresses!

I have seen SO many dresses over the years but my Huntsham brides dresses deserve their own round of applause!

The venue has such a party, fun vibe – which as suppliers we feed off and LOVE!

Do you have any top tips for the wedding day, make up or otherwise?

Yes so many but most important for me are…

1 – Create your own playlist! The music you choose will really help you feel uplifted and set the mood – whether that’s a party mood or a chilled vibe – that along with a scented candle often helps my brides with anxiety and/or emotions which understandably are present.

2 – Make sure you only have people that make you feel good and not drained in the bridal suite when you’re getting ready. Delegate the wedding party to help with any boundaries that need setting or jobs you need overseeing in the morning.

3 – Enjoy yourself! It’s a day that can go so fast, so above anything else smile, enjoy all the pampering and the special time with your loved ones.