Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photos are something so special to be able to look back on in the years to come, so it is important that they capture your day in a way that truly reflects you and your guests on your big day.
Documentary, fly-on-the-wall, real life photography is becoming the favoured style for a lot of weddings now and there is a good reason why…

Photo: Matt Bowen

1. Camera shy?:

Not all of us are Instagram influencers with the ability to pull the perfect pout and not look ridiculous! The thought of being in the limelight all day and constantly being asked for photos is enough to terrify anyone, however Documentary style photography removes that insecurity with no need for ‘posed’ photos. Instead, the photographer will blend into the background and capture you in the moment. Hopefully, this will remove the terror of being photographed and you can go about enjoying your day safe in the knowledge those important shots are taking place in the background.

2.Capturing a feeling:

Nothing beats an emotional photo that really captures a special moment, like the tear in Dads eye when he first see’s you in your dress, or when the Bestman’s speech has the room rolling in hysterics over that awful Ibiza memory.

Being able to look back at a photo and be transported back to that moment in time is priceless. Your photographer will capture this without the need for staging or direction.

Photo: Luna Weddings

3. Bossy-Boots:

Your wedding day is hopefully going to be as relaxed and stress free as possible, so why would you want someone constantly telling you what to do?

Having a photographer continuously drag you away from your guests, getting you to repeatedly re-pose in the same spot and manoeuvre key family in and out of the photo can be tiring and stressful. Instead, hopefully your guests will assume the photographer is a guest (with a very nice camera) and will act naturally, while you get to enjoy time with them all!

Of course, there may be a need for a few group photos but being limited to a few will make it feel less like a chore.

4. When did that happen?:

While it is obvious that the happy couple are the most important people on the day, there are also little pockets of activity happening around your venue. A documentary style photographer will hopefully blend in and capture the couple interacting with all their friends and family but they will also hopefully capture those moments maybe not everyone witnessed? Maybe when the flower girl just monetarily took a tiny finger-full of icing from the un-cut wedding cake? That moment the usher had to go take a five-minute nap on the sofa…ready for round two.

Either way, they will be nice surprises and moments you may have missed in and amongst the day.

Photo: Matt Bowen

5. Act natural:

We all know that grimace which is meant to be a smile when we are forced into a photo. We all have a camera face which we only put on when we are photographed! This can instantly make us look stiff and awkward, but we tend to look our best when acting natural. You and your guests will look way more themselves if caught in the moment, laughing freely and smiling without being forced.

Photo: Evolve Photography

Who to choose?:

At Huntsham Court, you are free to chose your photographer so you can find that person who will really capture your day in a way you will always enjoying looking back on in years to come. We don’t dictate who you can and can’t use…. but we do know some pretty great photographers we love to work with, here are just a few: