What’s your wedding flower style?

We are lucky that Huntsham Court is very decorative, so whilst there is no need to go big on flowers it doesn’t mean you can’t! Whatever your fancy – we know someone who can deliver the look for you. From living plants, collections of vintage vases displaying individual stem blooms, beautiful bouquets to huge displays draped across our stairwell, mantle pieces, or even garlands atop our pillars. Everything is possible!

Living Plants, Real Blooms or Artificial flowers?

As well as having a great eye for style decisions, all of our suppliers are very aware that green doesn’t just mean foliage. It also means respecting and working to our client’s brief and green/ethical values.  Whether you are looking for seasonality, locally grown or ethically sourced blooms – our suppliers know how to find them. Alternatively to cut down on air miles and the carbon footprint of your blooms,  consider buying living plants or renting artificial flowers and statement pieces.


Earth Gallery


The Rose Shed

Pumpkin & Pye – Alternative Bouquets

Pumpkin & Pye – Fresh flower buttonholes & Arrangements.

Brompton Buds – Bursting to the brim with ideas.

Nicky Llewellyn

Miranda Hackett Flowers



Tall potted fruit trees to flowering seasonal plants and succulents – a floral display that lives on!

Some guests like to have a keepsake after their wedding to plant in their garden or give to close relatives to plant in their gardens. Some ideas that have worked really well are to line the aisle with 6 x 8ft fruit trees which are then given to relatives or taken home to make a mini orchard. Another idea is to plant up succulents or scented herbs as table centre-pieces or to buy seasonal flowering shrub plants for the table displays and mantle-pieces. All of these can them be taken home and planted in the garden. This is both really seasonal and also a wonderful way to commemorate a special moment with your loved ones as every time they bloom it will be your anniversary!

The Old Well

Our local nursery who can order in specimen plants and trees as well as supply some stunning pots.