Tick Tock

Time away with friends and family is quality time and at Huntsham Court we are all about quality time. With this in mind, and the fact you have already packed a bag and made the journey, why not have a lie in and enjoy living in a baronial country house for a bit more time.

This can be for the entire group or just a select few who may wish to enjoy extra time to relax and chew over recent events, or take advantage of the beautiful surroundings with a trip to the coast or a browse round the shops.

Alternatively, you might want to arrange a day’s cooking class with a Michelin starred chef or a wine tasting with a local sommelier, or perhaps just a day of spa treatments before you head back home.


The options here are all yours and we are on hand to advise and arrange. It is not as expensive as you’d imagine so it’s worth asking about to know the options.

Early Check In

Some guests like the idea of having a few hours before their guests arrive to settle in, unpack, receive deliveries and decorate the house so it’s really them. That way, when their guests arrive the house is ready and they are fresh ready to party. You can pre-arrange an early check from just a couple of hours before regular check in at 4pm, through to a first thing check in at 9am if that suits you better. Your choice.

Late Check Out

Sometimes just a few extra hours on check out means you can have an epic lie in, a big brunch, a BBQ lunch or just some more quality time with your best mates for that last catch up before everyone goes their way. Whatever you fancy really – it only costs a little and it gives you a lot more time with friends and family.

Extra Day

There is so much you can do with an extra 24 hours. Whether it’s arriving a day early for a laid-back evening with a core group of friends and family, or staying on a day more for the after-party or a chillaxing day. Sometimes the guests of a wedding party leave on the check out day and the parents of the bride or groom keep the house for an extra night at a small cost, hosting their friends for a big dinner and catch up. Endless possibilities and you and your friends are here anyway, so why not.