Supplier’s Network

As you’ve booked us for your event or wedding venue in Devon then it’s worth having a look through the inspiration menu above in the drop down sub menu. Over the past few years we have built up this amazing network of suppliers that we and our guests have discovered all of whom offer the unusual, the reliable, the extraordinary and great value. We have a wealth of experience and contacts to make your stay exactly how you want it, however long or short. Please click on any of the sub menu under the ‘Inspiration’ menu to find out more or ask your event manager if you are looking for something else. We have food, drinks, spa, music, styling and activity ideas, to make your party or wedding event in Devon extra special, as well as a list of additional nearby accommodation and a page dedicated to those all important invisible people there to make your event run perfectly smoothly (from photographers, event planners, to staffing ideas).

Events Team

Our Event Managers are always trying to make us the best wedding venue in Devon by finding new suppliers for something different and the planners have a wealth of experience as well as knowing the house inside out. So if you have any questions about the running of your event or even just a vague idea in mind they are a great resource to tap – and they are always on your side, not the supplier’s!


Our loyalty is to you the client not the usual in house caterers. At Huntsham Court our Event Managers are not bias or tied to any suppliers so it is all about seeking out new choices for you and finding you exactly what you want to tailor every detail of your stay your way for the best fit. Our Supplier’s lists frequently grows because a new supplier has been found for a specific client looking for that special something.

Remember the costs

As Huntsham Court is the event and wedding venue in Devon with just one price to rent the house on a self catering basis you have complete freedom to use any caterers you choose, bring your own chefs or wine if you prefer (no corkage or facilitation charge here). You can also use our house banqueting set without charge. Most importantly we are here to listen, facilitate and ensure you have the freedom to really settle in, make the house your home and get the most out of your stay.