What makes the magic?

It’s difficult to quantify what makes the quintessential country manor house wedding venue rental feel special and function well. We believe in finding the unique blend of several key ingredients to hit the perfect spot to be an exclusive use country house rental: a combination of the interior style, the approach of the team and the overall vibe of the place to work with the physical architecture and footprint of the building. We’re not your ordinary manor house rental.

Interior Style

It’s important that the house has all those qualities that a country house home embodies for parties of 20-120 people who hire – comfortable chairs and sofas you just melt into and rooms tastefully decorated with care, attention and love. We have hand picked quality fabrics and wallpapers from 1000s of suppliers and collected 100s of homely nik-naks like clocks, books and arts and antiques which we have dotted everywhere. We want it to be enough of a blank that you can really make it your own yet with enough personality that reflects the essence of the best manor house wedding venues.

We have rummaged through auction houses across the UK and trocs in France and assembled a collection of antiques, modern classics and art and sculpture to adorn the house so it’s a manor house hire with heart. We foraged for great fabrics and wallpapers too from some of the best traditional designers such as Pugin for Watts &Co, Colefax and Fowler, Jane Churchill, Osborne & Little, Little Greene as well as finding some great vintage wallpapers and fabrics too sot hat each room is unique. There’s been no scrimping on furniture and sofas either as apart from looking lovely it’s got be up to the job of comfort and the occasional hard knock.

Our team approach

All our team is a little community and are passionate about our large country house and incredibly proud when people choose to host a special event here at Huntsham Court. They know that the guest comes first with our manor house hire and as such we do as much as we can to help you create your event exactly as you want it – it’s about us listening and being flexible to help make your stay your way.



Whilst our exclusive use country house is massive, 33,000ft of hunk-a-chunk Victorian architecture – we feel one reason it works so well for parties of up to 130 people is the physical layout with all the reception rooms coming off the Great Hall it means that all the rooms flow together and you are never separated form the party down dark dank corridors. It also means whether you are 20 or 130 people you always feel you are enjoying the heart for the home. It’s a large Victorian mansion, so was designed with modern life in mind – flow of rooms, modern convenience of heating and hot water and so the building naturally fits having all those en suite bathrooms and great central heating to service our 35 bedrooms which older Georgian houses were just not built for.

A Victorian Revival

The large country house hire and the team are all about the house being used for good causes such as memorable parties, amazing weddings and supporting charitable and cultural endeavour. It is a stunning rental building with loads of accommodation, so whilst many other country manor house wedding venues are prickly about throwing open their doors we are all about guests coming to stay, having the run of the place and truly enjoying it as an exclusive use country house rental- as without the support of people booking the house, we wouldn’t be able to afford to secure its future.


The large buildings is Grade II* listed country house because of it’s important architectural merit. It is a fine example of Victorian Gothic designed by William Burges and Benjamin Ferrey. As the owner of the house loved church buildings with their high pitched roofs, he ensured his home had the same so whilst the master bedrooms are huge and stately, the attic bedrooms still have 16ft high ceilings going into the eaves. This means that there is great equality across the 35 bedrooms ideal for a corporate retreat or manor house wedding venue where all 82 overnight guests need to have great bedrooms. We want to be the most friendly manor house rental!