Anoushka knows from her own experience when mothers have had their baby, they often struggle to balance the responsibilities of parenthood and their own well-being. So much change both physically and emotionally can be difficult to navigate. To help redress the balance, she is providing a one night retreat for you to reconnect with yourself and your priorities whilst being supported, nurtured and given the skills to help you to ground and to feel good.


 The Mother & Baby retreat involves gentle yoga, an introduction to meditation, sleep consultations for babies and guidance on the holistic use of essential oils as well as delicious fresh food and plenty of relaxation for parent and child. Designed for just is for just 20-40 participants, the aim is to offer new ways to approach parenthood within a beautiful setting that promotes balance for mother and baby alike. At a time of significant change for new mothers both physically and emotionally, this one-night retreat has been designed to help women to reconnect with themselves and their priorities. All while being supported, nurtured and gently equipped with skills that will promote bonding and encourage healthy, balanced relationships between mother and baby for years to come.


Anoushka has developed a meditative approach to the postures by working closely with the breath. Pranayama, breathing exercises are an integral part of her asana teachings and she uses kriyas and cleansing practices, to create real energetic transformation.


Since university Miranda has been involved in the wellbeing space and her greatest passion currently is doTerra and healing through essential oils. She her youtube video and website for more information.


A certified Children’s Sleep Consultant and member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She focused on getting children from newborn to 5 the sleep they deserve. The company was set up after Kate suffered terrible sleep with her child, she then trained and qualified and now helps other families get their sleep back.


Anoushka’s teaching and her personal practice has been focused on cultivating internal energy and working
with divine energy healers to understand how to create meaningful movement of prana in the body. You can expect restorative poses, pranayama (breath control), meditation and yoga nidra (exploring a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping). These tools will facilitate the process of looking within, which of course, is where all the answers are and will help to realign you both physically and mentally so you leave feeling rejuvenated from all the yoga and healthy eating, body and soul. Due to the intimate group size the retreat is suited to both beginners and experience yoga participants and Anoushka has created a take away e-guide for home yoga for mother and baby particpants.


The retreat nutrition expert, Miranda Lewis, has teamed up with Sam the chef of 20ate to create a balanced vegetarian menu designed to taste like a treat yet cleanse and nourish without compromising taste & flavour. Re-imagining what vegetarian can be, this incredible menu also comes with quick and easy take away e-recipe cards so you can make quick and healthy vegetarian choices at home too.


Nestled in rolling countryside, yet easily reached by road and rail this stunning private country house has been booked exclusively for the use of this retreat participants. The spacious rooms and calm gardens being the perfect place to in which to reconnect with yourself and your priorities . In Anoushka’s words: “When I first walked through the doors at Huntsham Court I instantly knew it was a perfect place for people to come and take time to focus on themselves, and in the case of our Mother & Baby retreats, focus on the new addition to their lives by bringing baby too”.



A BREATH FRESH AIR: Our property is exclusive for the use or retreat attendees and across our 5 reception rooms there is plenty of space to meet new friends or have some space. We are not a hotel, but a private house, with all comfort and privacy that comes with being at home.



WITH REAL WOW FACTOR: Our retreats are always exclusive with the option of single or double bedroom occupancy. Large historic bedrooms with all the modern comforts and lovely views. Sleep your worries away.



THE PERFECT ESCAPE: We are nestled in the rolling countryside of Devon. With 5 acres of gardens and views across the 2500 acre Huntsham Estate, the headspace and the free air is tangible.


Anoushka wants you to fully relax and she knows that is different for everyone. For some, it requires you having your baby with you, for others it’s some personal space, so if you want to make alternative arrangements for your baby, that is also fine. Being a mother herself, she knows how difficult it is to get you time and to take the breaks you so desperately need. This is that space.

Anoushka recommends attending all the retreat sessions for a fuller experience and to experience the whole journey. However should you need, or want, to opt out of some sessions that is not a problem. Depending on participant numbers, some sessions may be split into smaller groups.




Arrive, settle you and your baby into your room.

5.00pm – 6.30pm

Baby Supper will be a relaxed affair with people coming and going as suits their little ones routine. Its an opportunity to meet other Mums and introduce the babas. There will be a play pen, floor area and a few high chairs. A delicious puree and finger foods so you can feed your baby and yourself or comfy chairs for breastfeeding. The food will be healthy, locally sourced where possible, balanced and steamed for little ones.

6.30pm – 8.00pm

Buffet food for Mums. Miranda will talk about how to feed yourself and little ones in an easy, healthy way.

8.00pm – 9.00pm

There will be a sharing of ones journey into motherhood be it first or fifth time round. People will dip in and out as their baby allows. This is a listening circle so not about giving feedback.

9.00pm – 10.00pm

Option to go to bed or herbal teas and informal chats with Anoushka & Miranda and the group.

DAY  2

7.00am – 9.00am

Buffet style breakfast (as each mother will be on a different morning schedule with their baby)

9.30am – 10.00am

Gentle yoga and meditation, practicing mindfulness and healing consequences of labour on the body. It’s about reconnecting with the body, in its new shape and form and making peace with any changes.

10.00am – 10.50am

Down time/feeding/bonding time with baby.

11.00am – 12.00am

Easy healthy eating session

12.00pm – 1.30pm

Group lunch, relaxed as and when it suits people. Food can be taken to the room if easier/required. Miranda to talk about nutrition, how to heal the body and easy ways to eat healthily when there doesn’t seem to be enough time.

2.00pm – 3.30pm

DoTerra talk (with essential oils) on healthy alternatives to prescription medicine for the family. This will be an open forum where questions can be asked.

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Yoga, breathwork and visualisation.

4.30pm – 5.00pm

Packing up time.

5.00pm – 6.00pm

Buffet food for both Mummy & Baby before heading off. Departure.

Huntsham Court’s Signature Retreat Programme

This retreat is part of Huntsham Court’s Signature Retreat programme inviting experts to takeover and use Huntsham Court as a base to get away and escape the pressures of daily life with like minded people. A rejuvenating stay so that when you go back to daily life you have refresh renewed perspective. More information about our other retreats on our signature retreats program please click here.


A stunning private stately home. The house has a decadent gothic exterior with impeccably decorated interiors.
The house and its decor is amazing – the only thing that could have been better for our three night stay would have been another three nights!
Guests: Pauline and Michael, UK
True Gothic splendour. Beautifully restored, each bedroom is quirkily individual but all are designed with comfort in mind. Perfect.
Press: Healthy Magazine