We have a wonderful but stealth back of house team that make the house look wonderful for each arrival, but below are the core client facing team, that make up both the core management and the experienced freelance team. Together, they ensure that the property, and every unique event within it, is delivered exactly how the lead guests wants it. Remember Huntsham Court includes 7 hours of planning with every booking!


Chris is one of the owners of Huntsham Court. He is most likely to take your call about all country house events. First and foremost, at Huntsham Court, we are keen to ensure that your experience of booking, and then using the house, is the best it can be. As much as possible, we always try to arrange a private tour when you view the house. What’s more, Chris is always available to answer questions about every aspect of your stay. Notably, the driving ethos of Huntsham is that the guests come first!



Clare joined the Huntsham Court country house events team bringing a wealth of wedding and event experience with her. Not surprisingly, with a press and PR background at The Savoy in London. After that, Clare went on to work in theatre production and subsequently in wedding and event planning. Clare has also worked as a consultant for Andrew Chance Entertainment, Somersault Festival. What’s more she has also been the resident wedding and events planner at various prestigious country house venues in SW. And finally, she has helped to organise the Castle Hill Car Festival, Outdoor Theatre Productions, Somersault Festival, Russell Watson in concert. The icing on the cake is that she is easy to work with as well as great at imparting her knowledge, enthusiasm and experience.


Clair is our Operations Manager and a wonderful country house events planner. Plus, she has the added benefit of first-hand experience of organising her own wedding at Huntsham Court. Her enthusiasm for the house is infectious. What’s more is her understanding of the property means that she can deal with all of the practicalities of your stay. This means, you and your guests can enjoy yourselves without a worry in the world. Before, Clair worked at Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands and, subsequently, has lived and worked in Somerset and Devon for the last ten years. Her knowledge of the area enables her to suggest suppliers and activities which can make your stay special and unique. Clair will happily deal with any of your queries and questions.


Damian is the other owner of the house. Primarily, he wants the house to be used and enjoyed in true country house style. This means the house has a purpose and guests can really enjoy themselves.  Fundamentally, he oversees design, restoration and the interiors at Huntsham Court. Using his creative flair in conjunction with the rest of the team to ensure that the house is exactly how you want it. For extraordinary and special country house events.


Elby & Coco

Elby & Coco are both rough-haired Slovakian pointers. When guests are not around they patrols the garden for rouge pheasants and in their opinion they have the most important job – keeping a keen eye on what the squirrels are up to. Never around when guests are in residence they are very friendly and, more often than not, asleep.


What makes our country house events team work like clockwork? Surely, it’s all those incredible, but often invisible people. Our wonderful team includes experienced housekeepers, gardeners, maintenance persons and decorators. They are kept busy making sure the building is tip-top for all country house events. Never forgotten and always appreciated. Fundamentally, they are the camera shy dynamo behind the scenes. Ensuring the house is ready to become your home.


Probably, ‘creative’ is one word we would use to describe Jenny. Above all, she is in her element creatively problem solving with an aesthetic eye. It started with drawing, painting, making jewellery and cooking. Then, this evolved over the years to her becoming a brilliant event manager. She has an attention to timings. What’s more, she is passion about things looking good. This perfectionism about looking after the detail means she is a wonderful asset to all country house events.

Jenny M

Jenny is our Head Housekeeper. She has a wealth of management experience from her previous career with Adult social care, and is now caring for Huntsham Court. Jenny, along with our experienced and wonderful team of dedicated housekeepers pour TLC into the Huntsham Court ensuring  our loved property looks the best it can (and always fabulous) for your special occasion.


Laura studied Events Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University and achieved a 1st Class Degree specialising in Corporate and Social events. Over the last 10 years Laura has gained a range of experience in the industry from working as part of the Stage Crew at Glastonbury, Event Coordinator at Exeter Racecourse and Entertainment Coordinator for a variety of high-end weddings and events across the globe.  Her experience in the industry provides a great overview of the different aspects that make up an event and Laura will not be short of advice if you need it to help you run the perfect event at Huntsham Court. In her spare time, you’ll see Laura performing aerial silks and coaching gymnastics at her local gymnastics club.


Lisa is full of hidden and understated skills that keeps our office admin ship-shape!  With a BA in Media & Cultural Studies (Kingston Upon Thames Uni), an amazing handle on Office Admin (havign worked for a field sales company), and expereince in both customer facing liaison as well as account management (for independent pharmacies) – she’s a vital hub for the invisble admin behind the scene. Having made the choice to be a stay at home mum for a while, we are chuffed that she is now with us part time where we indulge her in her love of creating spreadsheets and keeping our admin tip top.


Natalie’s passion for all things ‘organisation’ was ignited whilst working on an event organising project during her college Business Studies course. For the last 11 years she has been involved with organising weddings and events of all kinds around the world and the UK; from intimate bespoke weddings to corporate events and almost everything in between. She has a huge love for a spreadsheet and thrives on getting to know her clients and embracing their imagination and ideas, to deliver unique events.