Where can I find the latest information?

Information about the current situation often changes daily so we recommend checking regularly. These are some links we think may be useful:

UK Government COVID-19 homepage

UK Government Specific Travel Guidance

World Health Organisation Situation Map

World Health Ongoing Guidance

Global and Regional Instructions by IATA


Wedding specific articles:

There is a lot online and it changes regularly, so it is worth doing some web searches to find the most specific articles relevant to your type of event. Here are some links we think may be useful:

Brides Magazine –  Covid-19

Sky News – Weddings & Covid-19 – Coronavirus: Will my Wedding Day Be Affected?

RockMyWedding – How will my wedding be affected by Coronavirus


Am I insured?

We are not in a position to comment on the private event insurance that you may have taken out to protect your event. If you have insurance we very strongly recommend you read in detail your event insurance document to establish in what scenarios it might cover you. If you do not have insurance we recommend you consider taking some out with an insurer.


Are my guests insured?

Many people have private holiday and travel insurance which may cover them and their costs, should they not wish to, or not be able to, attend your event for various reasons. We recommend you advise your guests to check their insurance policies should they not wish to, or be able to attend.


Is my church service affected?

We have spoken to the churches that guests most often use to celebrate their marriage. They have all confirmed that they are listening to advice from the government and you should contact them directly.


I have a civil ceremony at the property – is this affected?

We have been in contact with the Mid Devon Registration Office and they are also following guidance from the government. As at 17 March 2020 they have confirmed they are still intending to attend venues to conduct civil ceremonies. Please contact them directly should you have any questions. They are contactable on:


Tel:  0345 155 1002

Where do I stand with my suppliers?

Huntsham Court is booked as a dry hire venue with no services or staffing provided by us, so all the suppliers you have chosen have a direct contract with you. This includes all suppliers such as hairdressers, caterers, bands, bar staff, etc. We have spoken to lot of suppliers that are frequently booked by clients for events at Huntsham Court and they have all re-iterated the same core values. Namely, (1) they are following government advice which frequently changes so clients should regularly stay in touch (2) they appreciate a wedding / private party is a very special moment in people’s lives and they will do what they can to ensure they deliver their contract with the client.


My Event Planner?

With every booking we include 5-7 hours of a freelance event manager’s time. This time is purely to assist you putting together some required documents for Huntsham Court in advance of your arrival. These include (1) the furniture moving form so reception rooms are arranged as required by you (2) bedroom allocation for the housekeepers to set bedrooms up as you require them (3) a running order listing all suppliers coming to site and (4) some time to chase suppliers for their insurance documents to ensure they are pre-approved to attend site.

Aside from this they use the balance of this time (if any) to assist with a variety of planning details. You may have engaged them to book staffing on your behalf or to attend your event, in which case please speak to them directly if you have any event staffing or attendance questions. As they are freelancers, we have reiterated the importance of them being available to discuss any concerns you may have, but they are not able to speak on behalf of Huntsham Court. 


How safe is Huntsham Court?

We continually listen to and check government portals to ensure best practice.

Guests: Guests can only visit Huntsham Court by invitation of a lead guest who has booked the property – so in that sense it is not open to the public. It is important for your safety, and that of all your guests, chosen suppliers and our house team, that you tell your guests to strictly adhere to the government guidance on self quarantine and do not attend your event at Huntsham Court if they either (1) show any signs, or live in a household showing signs, of infection in accordance with the government guidance OR (2) they are a vulnerable person as defined by the government.

Cleaning: We have tightened all our already very thorough cleaning protocols and continually follow government guidance to deliver a dry hire venue that is ready for guests to hold their private event. We also strictly enforce the government guidance on our team not attending site and self quarantining.

Our house suppliers: We are frequently in communication with our supply chain for updates to check they can deliver everything to us and build contingency plans where necessary.

The public: As always, there is no access to the property by the public during private events.


Who should I contact at Huntsham Court?

Always ask your planner or suppliers first if the question specifically relates to their services.  In these uncertain times you may have some questions you would like to ask us directly. This page should answer many of those questions. If for any reason there is any reason why Huntsham Court is prevented from opening its doors to you we will be in immediate contact with the lead guest through all the contact details we have on your booking form. If you have any other questions relating your event at Huntsham Court please contact: