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Our venue blog for ideas, inspiration and real weddings.

Milkshed Catering

Milkshed Catering – 30 person wedding

It has been so exciting to see the familiar faces of suppliers as they have been returning to weddings here at Huntsham Court, such as Milkshed Catering!

It was so good to see the Milkshed Catering team back in the kitchen creating their usual culinary magic for a recent couples special day.

Weddings are still impacted by the current restrictions, however many couples and suppliers alike aren’t seeing the new 30 person wedding as a negative! In fact, many are embracing these changes and making adjustments to areas like their wedding day food, upgrading their menus to something more opulent and creative.

Milkshed have shared their recent experience with us:

Tell us a little bit about the couple – 

A&L were an absolute pleasure from the start – they booked with us back in 2018 and have been simply lovely ever since – very organised and wonderfully down to earth. They love going to the theatre, so their tables were all named after London theatres and the background music during the meal was all show tunes from musicals – it was very hard not to sing along while we were serving!

Ade and Lee just after the ceremony – Tori Hancock

What was it like being back at the venue and catering for an event? –

It was actually incredibly emotional! The last wedding we did before lockdown in March was at Huntsham, and driving up the driveway made our stomachs flip. Spring and Summer are usually super busy with weddings and we have so missed doing what we love. It was just such a pleasure to back catering and looking after our couple and their guests! The main difference was having to individually plate the canapes rather than serving them to groups of guests.

Individual platters of canapes - Milkshed catering
Individual platters of canapes at Huntsham Court – Milkshed catering

Tell us about the couples menu and how this may have changed from their initial plans – 

We are seeing couples putting much more emphasis on the food side of the day, especially at the moment when dancing etc. can’t happen. We worked with A&L to upscale their menu by adding a cheeky amuse-bouche before the starter and a zesty Plymouth Gin and lemon sorbet where guests were able to add extra gin from a small pipette. We served it in a martini glass so it felt a bit like cocktail hour!

Lemon and Gin amuse-bouche at Huntsham Court – Milkshed catering

What are your thoughts on an intimate, small scale wedding breakfast? –

The intimacy of smaller numbers mean guests are able to really relax and enjoy each other’s company, this is often reflected by the amount of laughter in the room. Having smaller numbers means couples are able to look at their menu and enhance it – whether this is by adding a few courses, switching to a prime cut of meat that might previously lower in the priority list for their budget or hiring in beautiful crockery and cutlery to add that extra special touch.

The Great Hall pre-ceremony – Tori Hancock

Do you have any advice for couples who may be looking to go ahead with a smaller wedding? – Don’t think of a smaller wedding as a compromise, think of it as an opportunity to tailor-make your day to you and to make it more personal. Invite the people who mean the most to you in the world, eat your favourite food, drink lovely Champagne or wine, incorporate your favourite music and flowers and get creative – you can still have an amazing celebration without a raucous dancefloor and hundreds of guests. Embrace it!

Chocolate Delice at Huntsham Court – Milkshed catering

What would your perfect winter menu look like? –

Ooh this is a tough one as we love so many different types of food! We’d always go with a selection of canapes to start with (butternut squash and mozzarella arancini and ham hock Scotch quail eggs are particular favourites) as this sets the tone for the rest of the day.  We’d probably go with a scallop-based starter, a Beef Wellington main course and then something like a Chocolate Delice for dessert. We are currently talking about poaching pears in mulled wine, cloves and star anise and making a sorbet from them so this could be a wonderful palette cleanser to break up the richness of a Winter warmer menu…

Beef Wellington at Huntsham Court – Milkshed catering


Couple and venue photos Tori Hancock

Plated canapes (Milkshed)

Beef wellington (Luna Photography)

Chocolate delice (Milkshed)

Gin and lemon sorbet (Luna Photography)